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Nanjing Changjiang Industrial Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. Zijiang Furnace Nanjing Co., Ltd.

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About Us


President Mr.Zhou Defu

  Changlu Group:Nanjing Changjiang Furnace Science and  Technology Co., Ltd., a professional enterprise for designing and producing industry furnaces, fuel furnaces and keat treatment equipments. Since the plant was built in 1975, we fully imported advanced technology from developed countries. Technical strength is strong, guarantee system to product quality is ideal, and experience is abundant. 
  Whole area of our company is up to 65,000 square meters and the area for manufacture is been to 42,000 square meters. It has 392 persons and 56 engineers in it. The captial assets are up to 150 million RMB. From 2005, In 2004,we have been approved have the qualification of self-support export and import. In 2001, International quality system ISO 9001:2000 performs and the certificate was entitled 
  Main products list as follows: roller type continuous H/T furnace,step type continuous H/T furnace ,push-rode type continuous H/T furnace ,casting chain type continuous H/T furnace,protective atmosphere brazing furnace

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